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Our mission is to help travellers find responsible holiday options offered by destinations working for a sustainable future.
The destinations and businesses featured in this guide are all certified or awarded following the G.R.E.E.N values.
We encourage you to consider travelling a shorter distance, by choosing to explore destinations closer to home.
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Located in Croatia, Lika is a destination where you can experience a unique combination of mountainous terrain and the sea, along with three different climates on a relatively small geographical area. 60% of Lika Destination is protected through the Environmental Protection Act and there are 8 protected natural areas within the destination. Due to ecologically clean nature, local products are of exceptional quality.
Green holidays in Lika


Taiwan is listed among the more virtuous countries in the fight against COVID-19, since the government has taken comprehensive measures to protect the health of the public from the global outbreak. North East and Yilan Coast DMO put efforts on promoting sustainable actions and spirit with local business to reduce waste and protect the whole area. The destination encourages tour operators to implement sustainable standards to improve local life.
North East and Yilan Coast

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